Attorney Maria Yarmoosh

Maria Yarmoosh

Registration number in the Attorneys At-Law Register of the City of Moscow: 77 / 8247.
Eight years of professional experience.

Professional specialization: Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support); Estate litigation; Economic disputes; Appeals

Maria Yarmoosh began her legal practice as a family law attorney since 2005. Primarily specialized in family law (divorce, custody and child support) matters, Ms. Yarmoosh's practice is diversified, also entailing complex commercial matters ranging from estate litigation to securities arbitration, as well as numerous appellate matters.

Maria Yarmoosh has a successful legal practice, with a Russian and international clientele. Having a good command of English, Advocate Yarmoosh has frequently protected the rights and interests of foreign companies in the commercial (Arbitrazh) courts of the Russian Federation and in the International Commercial Arbitration court of the International Commercial Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Maria Yarmoosh specializes in representing the interests of companies in economic disputes in the commercial courts and in giving legal support to business. She has wide experience in cross-border commercial cases and practical knowledge of the legal and economic issues likely to arise in business management.


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