Protection of private interests

The Bureau is honored to offer to individual customers a wide range of legal services related to the protection of rights and lawful interests in accordance with the Russian and international law. Such protection of interests may be provided both in conjunction with disputes related to non-property rights of a citizen and with disputes concerning property and valuables. The Bureau offers legal advice with regard to cases of unjustified civil sanctions imposed by state bodies on individuals (e.g.,  unlawful restrictions of the right of entry into the territory of Russia, forced deportation etc.), and also with regard to failure of state bodies to act as appropriate.

The Bureau will provide legal support to interested individuals with regard to their commercial interests, the setting up of businesses,  founding companies or obtaining the individual entrepreneur status in the Russian Federation. The Bureau offers legal assistance in inheritance cases in the territory of the Russian Federation, restoration of property rights, obtaining citizenship etc.

The attorneys of the Bureau will provide professional advice to foreign persons with respect to the Russian law and legal assistance in settling other disputes, will represent lawful interests in courts, competent authorities and commercial organizations.

In civil and family law, advocates can represent the interests of individual plaintiffs and defendants at all stages of proceedings, during the preliminary investigative phase by law enforcement bodies and during Court proceedings. We are experienced at drawing up petitions, making applications to the Court, negotiating with counter-parties, obtaining evidential material at home and abroad, and assisting the division of property in cross-border matrimonial cases.

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