Family Law. Divorce. Child custody

The Bureau is honored to offer to private persons (individuals)† its services related to marriage termination (divorce); the division of property between the divorced couple; establishing the order of contacts with the child; identifying the place of residence of the child; collecting alimonies; disputing parenthood; and the divestiture of parental rights.

The Bureauís attorneys prepare and conduct complicated cases on behalf of their clients concerning the determination of a marital share, division of property, fatherhood and other relationship determination, and also other family affairs in the territory of all the Russian Federation in accordance with the Russian law. The Bureau provides legal services to foreigners in cases of international adoption and establishment of trusteeship over children.

In resolving family disputes according to the voluntary (pre-judicial) procedure, the Bureau represents the interests of their clients acting in the capacity of legal intermediaries. Where it is impossible to settle the dispute on a voluntary basis, or in case of opposition of one of the parties, the Bureau initiates court hearings and defends legal interests of the principal in court. The Bureauís attorneys represent interests of their clients at the state bodies of the Russian Federation as their attorneys at law.

All matters of the family law, issues related to the adoption of children and establishment of trusteeship over children are resolved in strict compliance with the norms of the Russian and international law under strict confidentiality rules. Also, the Bureau provides legal assistance with regard to the recognition and enforcement of national court judgments related to family and other affairs in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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