Criminal Law

Protection of interests of the victim. The Domkins and Partners Law Bureau provides legal assistance in representing the interests of persons in criminal litigation. Such legal assistance is provided to individuals and legal entities, which have been admitted as victims. As a rule, the protection of rights of the victim is combined by the Bureau attorneys with the performance of the authorities of the civil plaintiff. The attorneys of the Bureau, alongside the preliminary investigation body, conduct collection and presentation of proofs in such criminal litigation aimed at the exposure of the culprit and substantiation of the inflicted damages, support prosecution and the position of its client in court.

The Bureau provides legal assistance to the victim in initiating criminal charges against the person having violated his/her legal interests.  The attorneys consult interested persons in all aspects of criminal and criminal procedure law, and, after having examined the documentation available from the client, provide assistance in preparing necessary documents.

The advocates of the Bureau provide procedural defense to persons having being subjected to criminal prosecution at the pre-litigation stage (preliminary investigation), at the court litigation stage, and at the stage of the case being reviewed by cassation, appeal and supervisory authorities.

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