Arbitration. Litigation. Resolution of economic disputes

In the work of the Bureau, the service of resolution of legal disputes with the participation of foreign legal entities (non-residents of Russia) is widely popular. The clients of the Bureau are foreign legal entities that have or don’t have representative offices of their own in the territory of Russia. On-going interaction of the attorneys with the clients is performed on-line with the use of modern means of communication.

The Bureau represents legal interests of its customers related to disputes arising out of business activities both in the territory of the Moscow Region and in other federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

The Bureau provides legal counseling both at the stage of pre-litigation claim settlement and in all the stages of court litigation.

In providing this service, the Bureau develops a legal attitude in the case, prepares a wording of the claims, gets other procedural documents ready and formally submits them to court. In the course of court hearings, the attorneys perform complete management of the case. If need be, the Bureau defends the Client’s position in the courts of appeal and cassation and before the supervisory authorities. After the coming of the arbitration court judgment into force, the Bureau submits  the court order for execution with respect to the losing party.

This service is provided to customers both in the event of cases being examined in the courts of law of the Russian Federation and in the event of a commercial conflict being examined  in a court of arbitration.

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