Lawyer Svetlana Dergun

Svetlana Dergun

Lawyer. Six years of professional experience.

Professional specialization: Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support); Litigation.

Svetlana Dergun provides the full spectrum of legal services necessary for persons in divorce, including investigation and analysis of evidence, construction of pleas, management of litigation, and direct pleading before the Judge.

In family law, Svetlana Dergun represents the interests of individual plaintiffs and defendants at all stages of proceedings, during the preliminary investigative phase by law enforcement bodies and during Court proceedings. She is experienced at drawing up petitions, making applications to the Court, negotiating with counter-parties, obtaining evidential material at home and abroad, and assisting the division of property in cross-border matrimonial cases.

The leading lawyer Ms. Dergun's professionalism and experience guarantee protection of client’s rights and legitimate interests. Every case is approached with the same high standards of care and diligence.


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Phone / Fax : +7 495-646-86-11 (Moscow, Russian Federation)